Healthy and progressive 

Conforming to the development of the times, we are training and cultivating a group of talents with excellent quality, distinct tiers, and organized in a scientific management structure. Further optimizing the talent and strategic management system, - improving the talent development environment, we’re dedicated to lay a strong talent base for the realization of the corporate strategic vision.


Talent Strategy

The company emphasizes the people-oriented business development concept, emphasizing the establishment of a development stage for employees, providing growth opportunities, training employees' core competitiveness, and ultimately facilitating the growth of the company.

Training and development

CNPIECXA continuously upgrades and builds a training system. Employee training is the starting point for our continuous development which also strengthens internal team building. Integrated with our layout and development strategy, training in a variety of forms boost our employee’s business development. A systematic training system has formed to provide different levels of skills and information to our employees, stimulating enthusiasm for self-transcendence.

Office environment

In April 2020, the company officially settled in China Railway Xian Center to complete the company's relocation. The brand-new office environment with a unique CNPIECXA design style creates a comfortable office experience for employees.