Asset Management Department

The Asset Management Department is responsible for the operation and management of CNPIECXA’s assets, warehousing and logistics work of its own and other company’s business.

The managed assets are as follows:

1) Headquarters, located at 42F, Sian Center, No. 10, High-tech Industries Development Zone, Xi’an, covering a floor area of 2202 square meters, and Metro Line 6 available;

2) CNPIEC International Edifice, located at No.85, Bell Tower’s North Avenue, Xi’an, covering a gross floor area of 23000 square meters and positioned as a cultural, ecological and intelligent building which some companies settled in, including the Stomatological Hospital of XJTU, China Life Insurance Company Limited Xi’an Branch, etc.

3) CNPIEC Cultural and Creative Industry Park in the western suburbs(光华“1978”文化产业园), located at No.34, Tuanjie West Road, Lian hu District, Xi’an, covering an area of 19 Mu and built as an industrial park integrating culture and art, international education, online publishing, big data operation, international exhibition and modern logistics distribution center.2005201589950283936834.jpg