Culture and Creative Business Center

After more than three years of cultivation and development, CNPIECXA cultural and creative business has reached 220 million yuan by the end of 2021. Its main business scope includes publishing paper, food paper, international trade and cultural and creative products.

With the advantages in the publishing and overseas branch information channels, we established long-term cooperative relationships of high-end artistic paper with Mitsubishi, Marusumi and Hokuetsu paper factory, and relationships of import&export paper with Sweden Holmen, Stora Enso as well as relationships of full-aspects with domestic companies Jin Guang(APP), Tai Yang, Jiang He.


The cultural and creative business fully integrates the cultural genes of Shaanxi (Xi’an), and sets up a top design team for cultural and creative products to provide customers with enterprise-level cultural and creative product design and supply.


The international trade business takes advantage of Xi’an’s geographical advantage as the starting point of the “Belt and Road”, promotes trade with the help of “Chang’an”, the China-Europe freight train, and introduces raw materials from Central and Eastern Europe to China.


The cultural and creative business sticks to the value concept of “respect, excellent, opening and fuse” of CNPIECXA, continues to deepen business contacts with our partners, and achieves win-win development through cooperation.