Import Center

I. Business Introduction 

As an important business section and business support of China National Publications Import & Export Corporation Xi'an Branch (CNPIEC Xi’an), the Import Center is an important component of the "four centers and one department" of Xi'an Company. It consists of import department, market department, digital product department and foreign newspaper service department. Its main products include imported foreign periodicals, original books, electronic books and databases, foreign newspapers and periodicals, etc. Over the past 30 years, we have developed well ourselves in our industry and we have established extensive and close cooperation with Elsevier, Wiley, Springer, Wolters Kluwer and other world-class academic publishing houses. By introducing high-level scientific and technological books and journals, we have provided domestic universities, research institutes, teaching hospitals and medical workers with efficient and accurate latest scientific research literature abroad, and we have been recognized by the vast number of customers and achieved good social benefits.In the future, we will expand in many directions, such as professional training, medical education, article polishing, language translation, and strive to become the largest new comprehensive service provider in the field of medical specialty in China.


II. Characteristic Contents

1. Foreign periodicals:

The purchasing and selling of foreign periodicals is the core business of both CNPIEC Xi’an and the import center. In the introduction of foreign journals, we take medicine, biology and agriculture as the main business orientation. By 2020, 2710 journal varieties were included, including 2215 medical journals, 352 Biological Journals and 143 agricultural journals. At present, the main customer groups in China include domestic universities, scientific research institutes, teaching hospitals and medical workers.

Marketing Department Telephone: 029-89840997/029-89840998

Import Department Telephone: 029-89840955

Medical Journal Website: www.yxqk.com


2. Original books:

The sale of original medical books in foreign languages is one of the current businesses of the import center. Over the years, a good supply chain of upstream and downstream products has been established through the cooperation of domestic market development and international first-class publishers. At present, we have built a young, professional and vigorous purchasing and marketing team. Through a complete offline purchasing and marketing mode of book selection, foreign procurement, domestic sales and logistics transportation, we can offer precise reading services for the majority of medical workers. We have more than 5000 kinds of products that are guaranteed to sell every  year.  Authorized by the head office, CNPIEC Xi’an has the exclusive right to sell imported newspapers and periodicals in foreigner-related places in Northwest China. At present, we import and distribute thousands of newspapers, periodicals and other publications published in the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Korea, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. We provide these productions and multiple services to foreigners, overseas Chinese, compatriots in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, foreign agencies and business associations in China. 


3. The Foreign Language Books Boutique of CNPIEC Xi’an:

The Foreign Language Books Boutique of CNPIEC Xi’an constructs an online service platform for medical original books, which serves medical researchers with the most complete varieties, the best service and the best experience. Focusing on the field of culture and art, the platform provides young people's literary at home and abroad, popular English original books, as well as the most complete and up-to-date books on global culture and art.

Since the commencement of this boutique at JD.com, its products range has gradually expanded from the original one single kind of medical books, to medical classics, foreign original picture books, vocational examination books and so on.

Contact number: 029-89840995

E-commerce website: https://cnpiecxats.jd.com/(Jingdong)


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