Export Center

As a main business department, the Export Business Center shoulder the responsibility of sharing the traditional Chinese culture with all over the world. 

Main business

·Publications: books,electronic publications,copyright trade.

Nowadays children books share a big part of the market, here we are cooperating with brands Lelequ, Mixiaoquan, famous writer Xue Tao etc.


•CNPeReading Chinese E-Book Platform: One-stop platform for digital resource acquisition and access. Through extensive cooperation with internationally renowned publishers and integrators, the platform integrates a large number of digital resources in foreign languages. 

   1.More than 1.3 million kinds of foreign e-books 

   2.More than 6,000 kinds of foreign digital periodicals.

   3.More than 110,000 episodes of well-known film and television resources, like Empresses in the Palace.

The platform is a truly rich functional database. It can customize research and development of thoughtful and meticulous personalized functions according to different demand, so that numerous users can use it at the same time, with easy access anytime and anywhere.

CNPeReading Chinese E-Book Platform: http://chinabook.cnpereading.com

•"Theme reading" electronic bookcase product - It classifies the massive digital resources accumulated according to different themes and processes them with the help of mobile and fragmented technologies to form electronic bookcases one by one.

 1.Precise development of thematic products

 2.Innovation of the mode of dissemination of thematic products.



  1. Greeting cards/stickers/washi tape

  2. Gel pen/highlighter/marker/whiteboard pen/liquid pen/ball pen/mechanical pencil

  3. High-end printing paper/label paper/thermal paper

  4. White coated duplex cardboard/non-woven bags/plastic woven bags/roll film and so on




·Cultural and creative products: Terracotta Warriors series and Tang Lady series, Lantian Jade and Incense Products.



·Chemical Raw Material & Mineral Products



Why choose us

1. Over 100,000 different titles

More than 100 cooperated professional publishers.

2. 30 years' experienced operation

Professional sales team to avoid any headache.

3. Customers from 20 countries

Europe, Australia,Southeast Asia,China's Taiwan and Hong Kong etc.

4. Export business combined with import

Pls.show us nice ELT textbooks or children picture books for our import cooperation.

5. Resource and service platform

Rich experience and strong support for activities,conventions and exhibitions.

6. Deep collaboration with factories

Over 20 years' cooperation on chemical products and food ingredients ,stable supply. 

Success Case


If you have other import-export inquries, pls. also feel free to contact us. 

TEL: 86-29-89840857      86-29-89840957

E-mail: export@cnpiecxa.com

If you have any questions, you can fill in the following information to contact us.