Export Center

The International Business Center of CNPIECXA actively expands the marketing transformation space from official publications to copyright-registered products and audio-visual all-media products. We adhere to development of times and plan an operation-maintenance path of future resources integration, platform presenting and the integration of publicity and distribution. We always stand at the very front of the industry regional evolution and locate our capability direction to meet the needs of domestic and overseas expansion, integration of resources’ channels of CNPIEC and domestic systematic distribution.

Major Business

·Publication Export

We collects 800,000 kinds of books available in China and 100,000 kinds of foreign publications. Engaging high-quality IP cultural and creative resources in western China, we establish the largest audio resource reserve of radio dramas in China. Besides, distributing business has been generally operated by platforms, and one-click shipments have connected with global logistics. And we have established 30 self-operated online stores on major e-commerce platforms at home and abroad. We aim to retain our leading role in the export of publications in western China, copyright conversion, and audio-visual products channel operation and maintenance.

·Domestic rated & recommended distribution of foreign resources

Through data integration, classification and reconstruction, we establish the “CNPIEC Matrix for Recommended Foreign Bibliography” in which various rankings can be regularly released and updated. This can facilitate the high-quality foreign publication services of domestic Xinhua, private bookstore distribution systems and major domestic libraries. Meanwhile, spot goods and reservation are two methods available to promote the rapid introduction and circulation of foreign high-quality publications.

·Omni-channel & omnimedia services of publishing and publications

The International Business Center of CNPIECXA sticks to regards deepening the one-stop service capability for knowledge builder of publishers and copyright holders as its key work. We plan to completely set up  the service capabilities of domestic and foreign publishing houses through all process of planning, advertising and distribution and to create the platform-system-level cooperative path for domestic popular book distribution channels and achieve a second-level resource interconnection mechanism. Through resources integration and reconstruction, we  actively expand the overall market development cooperation with domestic and foreign advanced publishing houses and vigorously promotes the audio fusion and mediumization of domestic publications, and finally strive to create a new business service pattern of prior communication, publishing follows, omni-channel planning, and omni-media operation and maintenance.

The International Business Center has registered its official accounts on all kinds of audio, video, and text social media, which established a media linkage net.

·Large-scale exhibitions

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of CNPIEC in western China, CNPIECXA has all along been responsible for the customers maintenance of CNPIEC’s international conferences in western China and other branch venues issues. We have undertaken large-scale conferences of the IBBY International Children’s Book League, and have achieved considerable social and economic benefits

CNPIECXA’s  International Business Center and Shaanxi Voice of Silk Road (SVSR), as the joint organizers of the “Silk Road CNPIEC” audio competition which is sponsored by the Audio Reading Committee of the China Advertising Association, have established talent-training and talent-employing relationships with nearly 200 domestic universities and popular audio platforms companies. The International Business Center has established a professional audio talents team through innovative competition mechanisms, and has formed a linkage mechanism for publications and media releases relying on the resources of CPG & CNPIEC.

·Copyright registration and conversion

As one of the copyright bases of the Shaanxi Provincial Copyright Office, CNPIECXA is granted with the registration functions of copyright subjects such as text, pictures, audio-visual products, arts and crafts. Through the registered protection of copyright and the transformation of copyright for copyright holders, a complete protocol chain from source protection to downstream market expansion is emerged. While strengthening the protection of the rights and interests of copyright holders, we stimulate the market’s exposure to copyright protection and form a benign copyright industry cycle.

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