Marketing Center

The Marketing Center always adheres to the goal of taking root in Xi ‘an and facing the “Belt and Road”. We are the core component of the “integration” development of CHIAN NATIONAL PUBLICATIONS IMPORT & EXPORT(GROUP)CORPORATION, the only fulcrum of the educational textbook project of CNPIEC in the western region, the only importer of audio and video products in the western region, and the main force in the import business development and new business development of Xi'an Branch. 

The Marketing Center integrates the import of traditional publications and the development of cultural industry, carrying the mission of culture brings in and goes out in western region. In the process of continuous introduction of international educational resources, we have become the largest partner of many top publishing houses in the western region, and are also the preferred service provider for the international cultural introduction, global resource docking and comprehensive display of government, enterprises, universities and social organizations. In recent years, relying on the superior resources of CNPIEC and Xi’an Branch, the Marketing Center began to speed up the undertaking and promotion of large-scale cultural exhibition at home and abroad, international digital copyright trading services and cultural industry (incubator) park and other projects, further enhance the company’s influence and coverage in the western region.

Textbook Department

As the largest overseas textbook import service and undertaking port in the west, the Textbook Department has created a good opportunity for international education and cultural exchange between China and foreign countries, and has established long-term friendly business contacts with hundreds of overseas publishers, agents and associations. We provide full-variety, full-discipline, and full-process services, and have established strategic cooperation with multiple publishers to jointly develop the Northwest and the Southwest. 

The Textbook Department closely follows the policy direction, complies with the “Belt and Road” layout planning, digs deep into market resources, provides professional, international and diversified online and offline services for international education courses, and provides customized teaching solutions for customers. Relying on the education platform created by the head office to provide customers with online teaching, management training, English learning, international examinations, international qualification assessment systems and other services, we build a bridge for global cultural integration. The established global POD printing cooperation network provides comprehensive solutions for digital processing, DRM copyright protection, promotion and marketing and on-demand printing for domestic and foreign publishers, effectively promoting the international dissemination of Chinese publications, provides a carrier for the combination of overseas high-quality publications and domestic research and teaching to realize the vision of synchronization at home and abroad.



Zhang yajian


Marketing Department

While rapidly promoting the business of traditional publications and teaching AIDS, the Marketing Department is actively exploring the innovative mode of new cultural creation and new retail business. On the one hand, we strengthen the linkage with clients jointly develop high quality cooperative projects about domestic and foreign publications, multimedia equipment and audio-visual educational equipment. On the other hand, we speed up the development of exclusive products such as original American caricatures, imported toys, picture books, intelligent reading equipments and others, so as to provide clients with diversified product portfolio plans and supporting services. We give full play to the advantages of combining Tmall online retail platform with offline stores to realize the integrated online and offline operations. By accumulating and understanding the needs of clients, using big data operation to improve the retail efficiency. We strive to break down the industry barriers, open cooperation, integrated development, expand and strengthen the characteristic business, and enhance the brand value.    


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Government Corporate-advisory Department

The Government Corporate-advisory Department is a new department which responsible for cooperating with the government and developing new business. To achieve our Culture Stepping-out strategy, we have taken six major initiatives such as improve business quality, optimize resource channels, adjust cooperation mode, coordinate efforts between government and enterprise, carry out business innovation and improve the level of informatization. The above efforts will create benefits for our staffs, for the company, and for the whole society.

The main business of the department is as below:

1. Hold professional cultural expositions and exchange activities at home and abroad.

2. Help the government to build rural and community’s libraries, and intelligentized studies.

3. Promote City of Books strategy with the various digital resources and advanced technology such as 5G, VR, Big Data, etc..

4. Combine national policies to boost regional economic development.

In the future, we will combine Blockchain concept, apply the International perspective, carry out innovative business forms, and build a B&R Culture and Digital Publishing industrial park based on the enterprise platform of CNPIEC, so as to make greater contribution to the implementation of the strategy of building a strong cultural country and the “Internet plus” action.


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