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BIBF Opens International Children‘s Book Fair


The idea for the Beijing International Children's Book Fair (BICBF) came from the growing success of the children's hall and rights trading section, which has always been the most active area of BIBF. It will bring together several areas including animation, comics, IP licensing, education and digital publishing to create a new type of cross-media professional exhibition. BICBF will also integrate publishing and other creative industry resources and content, to provide a comprehensive platform for cross-media rights trading, beyond books and into other forms of children's entertainment.

The first BICBF will cover an area of 14,100 square meters and include exhibitors from China, Japan, South Korea, and France focusing on animation, film, and IP licensing.

It will also invite well-known cartoonists from China and overseas to visit the show to meet representatives from the industry.

In 2017, nearly 200 children's publishers exhibited at BIBF, completing more than 1,100 transactions within the five days of trading.

Fair Director Ms Liying Lin explained:

"Three years ago, we established a Children's Hall at BIBF and it proved highly successful. In the same period, IP licensing and cross-media publishing have developed rapidly, especially in children's books, so we decided to set up a professional exhibition to capitalise on these developments.

"The Beijing International Children's Book Fair is a professionals-only fair and the only one of its type, providing the industry with what it needs to take advantage of current market trends," she said.

The integration of film and television, multimedia, IP licensing, and publishing has been developing rapidly, and the new children's fair will build a platform for publishing companies and these new potential business partners. The Fair will also help publishers expand into new areas through professional forums, seminars and trade matchmaking activities.

The 2018 Beijing International Children's Book Fair will be held at the same time as BIBF from August 22nd to August 26th at the China International Exhibition Centre, nearly 100,000 square meters.